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Jesse Inman
June 9, 2014 | Jesse Inman

Above the Fog- VDK Vineyard


People always talk about how beautiful Sonoma County’s vineyards are. I have seen many of them and there’s no doubting that it’s true.  That said, many of these epic vineyards cannot hold a flame to the beauty of van der Kamp vineyard at the top of the Sonoma Mountain Appellation. Not only is it stunning, but it has some serious “mojo.” With a natural pond fed by gurgling artesian wells overlooking the slopes of the vineyard (at about 1,800 feet up!), this place evokes a surreal feeling.

While some people might scoff at the Tibetan prayer flags flapping in the wind, it turns out that this property has been a sacred place to many of its former inhabitants. There used to be a Geurdjieffian spiritual community just around the corner and there’s also a Zen school sitting on the mountain top.

Our friends over at took some beautiful photos of the vineyard. We have included some here, but please make your way over to their site for even more gorgeous pictures and more information on what they do.

Aaron and I have been working with van der Kamp vineyard since 2012 and have enjoyed the relationship with the van der Kamps very much. Each year, they gather the wine makers from all of the wineries that buy their fruit for a group tasting, including Siduri, La Follette, HdV, and DeLoach, as well as some smaller producers (like us).  It’s great to see what different wines people make with the same fruit. Although the differences abound, there is a distinct quality that runs throughout them all.

Aaron and I will be bottling our first vineyard designate from van der Kamp in January of next year, and it will be released soon after. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to make this wine and share it with all of you


All the best,





Melissa's Gravatar
@ Jul 13, 2014 at 6:27 PM
We just tasted Romililly wine for the first time at the Lamb Fest SF 2014, and in our opinion, their Pinot Noir was the "best in show." Thanks for letting us in on the secret!!!


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