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Our Vineyard Partners 

Every Romililly wine is made to pair perfectly with life’s adventures, but making great wine isn’t spontaneous. It takes hard work and the right ingredients. Our Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel are made only from fruit grown in Sonoma County. Since 2006, we’ve partnered with vineyards that epitomize the diverse strengths of the Sonoma County wine region. These vineyards are a part of the Romililly family, and we couldn’t do it without them.

Morelli Lane Vineyard: Morelli Lane Vineyard, the first vineyard we partnered with, won us over with the beautiful characteristics of its Pommard grape, a French strain of Pinot Noir. Only high-quality fruit grown at an ideal site will make great wine, and Morelli Lane Vineyard has both. The vineyard, located in the Russian River’s Green Valley, is 800 feet above sea level, rising above the fog and basking under early sun. The cool temperatures of the vineyard ensure that the grapes ripen at the perfect time of year and develop a bright, fruity flavor.

Winkler Vineyards: Winkler Vineyards’ 115 Pinot Noir clone has a deep, earthy flavor that lends a sophisticated note to our Russian River Pinot Noir, a blend of fruit from the Winkler and Morelli Lane Vineyards. Because Winkler Vineyards is only 45 feet above sea level, their fruit ripens late, developing a full, bold taste.

Lazy W Vineyard: Our uncle Joe worked with the Lazy W Vineyard (named for its crooked river) for many years, and we’re excited to be carrying on this long-standing family partnership. Since 2011, we’ve used their clone 4 Chardonnay to produce our Russian River Chardonnay. The fruit’s robust flavor is ideal for our partial malolactic fermentation process, which results in a full, smooth mouthfeel.

Monte Rosso Vineyard: In 2012, we partnered with Monte Rosso Vineyard to bottle a single-vineyard Zinfandel. The Sonoma Valley vineyard, first planted in the 1870s, is famous for the unique character of its fruit, producing varietals with strikingly distinctive flavors. Monte Rosso Vineyard's Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel are particularly well known. We’re thrilled to showcase one of their flagship varietals in a single-vineyard wine.

Van der Kamp Vineyard: Just like our family, the Van der Kamp family is devoted to wine. When they talk about their vineyard, located at the top of Sonoma Mountain, their reverence for the land is evident—and they treat it accordingly, maintaining the most beautiful vineyard we’ve ever seen. Since 2013, we’ve bottled a single-vineyard wine from the Van der Kamp Vineyard, blending the 828 and La Tache clones of Pinot Noir to create a wine that uses this lovingly tended fruit to its full potential.


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